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I get the moral of the story, although I don't think anyone who bootlegs will stop because of some story like this.

But it's still a made up BS story.. or else the real story has been distorted.

Too many parts of it don't jive.
Fun to read all the comments to this story, it's good to know your blood has flow. It's not made up, I was renting the place and am not a licensed electrician (don't tell the forum police) so I asked owners if I could hire one to do the install.

The somewhat amusing thing is as I talked to the electrician he had a bit of an air to him, and kept stating how he didn't like to do home jobs because they are so simple. Working on industrial wiring is what he enjoyed doing because they were more difficult jobs.

And why would someone plug their laptop in, in the studio room, and then run a usb cable into the kitchen where the fridge is, where he plugged in his new printer? Why is it there? Who puts their printer in the kitchen, by the fridge?

I dunno....

If one receptacle in the studio had the wrong wires connected in the j-boxes, one could assume that all of them are the same way, if it's a 100 yrs old, and he didn't touch anything...

Something seems fishy.....
The only thing I would change in the picture is the mixer, is was connected to the RPBG. As Mike made mention a lot of laptops have three prongs, and my 3 prong plug to my Apple laptop was plugged into the wall on the other side of the room into the correctly wired outlet correctly and then connected through a patchbay to the mixer. We decided not to change the picture before it went to print because that really didn't matter the concept is the same regardless of which side has the RPBG. To the electricians credit as I recall the old wires had the faded cloth colors reversed on that outlet only. I remember checking other outlets for this after that.

The only wiring I did in the house was all the cat5 cable, so no the poor electrician didn't get accused falsely. I will humbly take idiot points for not sniffing it out sooner.

As for why the printer was in the kitchen is because it was a small two bedroom house. The control room was in built in one bedroom, the other bedroom was turned into a recording booth and the high ceiling, living room and dining room were used for the live room. The only place to put the printer that seemed fit was right outside the control room which happened to be the kitchen.

My wife and two children lived in the low ceiling unfinished basement/cellar, to accommodate converting the upstairs into a studio. I am happy to answer any other questions/comments you have if I have missed any.

Here's a rough sketch of the layout.

Not made by me but a nice watch.
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