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My response is USA based. Sorry I do not know the fire code where you are.

I put an Edwards 5 zone in my home. The inspector told me to ground all of the pan cake boxes attached to the steel beams. I ask why, he got pissed and said 120v has to be grounded. I told him, all these are 12v you walked by the panel in the hall way. We went back and he got a bit sheepish. I have never seen a FACP in a home. Well now you have. Why did you do that? I am getting older and my 70 year old bones do not need to climb onto a 12 foot ladder to take care of the beeping at 3 am. Now I can walk down the hall push the trouble button and take care of it after breakfast and my pot of coffee.

When I bought my panel it was about $350 for 5 zones. The detectors were $22 each.
The garage detectors were $30. There will be no pull station, just horn strobes up high (2).
The kitchen one with the carbon monoxide feature was $40 bucks.
I ran all 18-4 because I got a deal on it. Resistors at the end of the line and done.
I freaked out at the price of smokes from Kiddie or First Alert, those people are insane price wise.

Thinking just a bit outside the box. I have at least a decade with Simplex, addressable and the networked system. Along with Edwards, and Gamewell/FCI and some others that I just do not remember their names right now. It is not hard to do, lots of information on FA system on line. You do not need a Class A or addressable. The idea of some device telling me that the fire is in the bedroom is stupid to me. My house my rules. I wired a FACP in a preforming arts theater that had voice activation. I fought tooth and nail with everyone over installing the microphone. Imagine a play on stage house dark and the stage lit up. Pleas do not pain there is a fire in section Q. Ya that will work out well.
I was in a movie theater when I was in high school that had a fire. Every one was screaming and running for the back of theater. 9 people went to the hospital for being trampled. I sat in my seat waited for crowd to do it thing and walked calmly out with my girl friend. My buddy in the Phoenix Fire Department told me this, you have 2 minutes to get out of the average house fire. Or it does not matter.
In Canada our electrical code mandates that all fire alarm electrical boxes, cabinets, raceways etc must be bonded to ground.
Also we must have strobes and smokes on every floor and in every bedroom. A FA system in a dwelling would be pretty expensive to meet our codes.
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