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Wondering if anybody on here's done work for RETAIL MAINTENANCE Inc. out of Ohio

I have done a lot of small work for them and they have paid with in the 30 day agreement. And did a big job for them 6,000 and still have not have a paid now we are going on almost 90 day wondering if this is a trend or if they run their Bill up and not pay. I called them and they're telling me that has to be approved by the stores corporate office before they pay. If anyone else has dealt with them on this it would be greatly appreciated on any insight thanks
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I just laugh really loud in the phone when they call now. We are out thousands to the companies that handle the Red Box DVD dispensers and to the company that handles Target stores (MTG Inc.).........
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They magically lost all of our paper work. Good thing we kept copies, although we still were not paid all our earnings.
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