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Romex Where Not To Use

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Staring Two Jobs, One Is A Club House For Townhouses, Existing, Installing Recessed Cans, Romex Or Bx?

10 Unit Motel One Story,rewiring Complete Building, Some Wire Mold, The Rest Romex Or Bx?? Code Book Is Not Clear, Is Romex Now O.k. For These Applications
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The places where you can't use certain wiring methods is covered in the 3xx.12's for each wiring method, in the code. First, you need to figure out the construction type for each occupancy. This isn't your "decision". The construction type is dictated by a number of factors, mostly between the AHJ, plan reviewer, fire marshall, the engineer, and other prevailing building codes. See annex E of the NEC for some general information on construction types.

One building can be several construction types. For instance, I've done a few motels where the rooms were considered a construction type where I could use romex, but the halls and other common areas and egress paths had to be done in MC or EMT (or better). Mind you, the rooms were seperated from the halls (and each other) by fire rated assemblies, so I'm sure this played into the construction type ruling for each zone. This information should be in your spec book or the print notes. RFI the engineer or architect if you're missing the construction type information.
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Try using MC cable

Hey bill, try using mc cable instead of romex or bx. mc always works.:thumbsup:
Hey bill, try using mc cable instead of romex or bx. mc always works.:thumbsup:
I don't mean to be rude, but what kind of answer is that???

NM cable is considerably easier to use, and is considerably easier AND cheaper to install.

If this job were going out to bid your advice would have just lost him the job in many cases.
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