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Rough-in only?

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Well, this is a first for me. I have a customer that is building a small mom-in-law suite. It's a simple job for sure and I was asked to give a bid. He is a nice enough guy with a limited budget. So after I getting my bid he asked me to adjust it for doing the rough only and he would trim-out. What do you all think of this arrangement? If it wasn't such a simple job I would be concerned. I am thinking about doing it.
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Let them do the rough, and you do the finish. That way you might get paid to fix some of their screw-ups from the rough. I'm sure you'll find uncovered j-boxes and incorrect drilled holes in the framing. You at least get to do an inspection and put your mind at ease.
On second thought, never let the customer touch your work! Lesson recently learned, and posted.
If a HO wants to save money I allow them to drill holes, pull romex, pull feeders, dig ditches, drive rods, sweep floors, empty the trash, erect scaffold and other helper kind of stuff.

I don't allow them to drive staples or terminate and I check everything they do.

It doesn't really save them $$$ because I'm always being distracted, but they can say they tried.
:thumbsup: Yes, digging is ALWAYS encouraged by me :thumbsup:
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