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So the UL, in an act of total brilliance, recommends that the receptacle not be installed..........what are we supposed to do with it?

According to the packaging, it is not to be placed in the trash, should we place it on a shelf somewhere so it can be found and installed by a person unfamiliar with ULs recommendation?

Should we smash it with a large hammer? But what to do with the pieces of it? Certainly not sweep the floor and dump it in the trash.......

What if we were to tape the receptacle to a stick of dynamite and light the fuse? That would solve the problem of any part of it ending up in the trash..........

Seems like this is the only way to eliminate the hazard.........

Seriously though, it has a UL file number stamped on it, I wonder if it was a valid number at one point or if it was simply made up and portrayed to be genuine?

UL will figure it out of course but it'd be nice to know just exactly what happened.

Also, I wonder if the back was attached to the face upside-down?
Yeah, it could be something as simple as the back being installed upside down. If so, the manufacturers we know and trust would have a product recall. Amazon junk, I dunno.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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