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Samsung 1500w microwave trips arc fault

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Hi all, I’ve got a couple units where the Samsung 1500w microwave is tripping the 15 amp arc fault breaker. I’m assuming the microwave is drawing too much power during the spike. Any fixes besides rewriting or replacing microwave?
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I'm assuming your installation are residential in kitchen's with a dedicated circuit to the microwaves? I know the earlier AFCI's had alot of problems on inductive circuit and microwaves were one of them. Square D homeline series had a recall. The recalls had a blue test button.. where the newer ones are green..
NEC 210.12(A) does require you to have AFCI protection. And in some cases I believe you are required to have both AFCI and GFCI protection check with your local AHJ before replacing it with a MCCB..
Did you check current draw as well?
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