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From the CPSC website:


Recall Summary

Name of product: Square Dbranded, molded case F and K frame circuit breakers
Hazard: The circuit breaker can fail to trip when an overload occurs, posing the risk of fire, burn and electric shock.


Consumer Contact: Schneider Electric USA at (800) 634-8730 anytime. Consumers can also visit the firm’s website at www.schneider-electric.us and click on “customer notification” under the popular links category for more information.
Report an Incident Involving this Product
Recall Details


About 28,400

This recall involves Square D brand models FA, FH, FI and FY one-, two- and three-pole circuit breakers rated 15 to 100 amps, and model KI two- and three-pole circuit breakers rated 110 to 250 amps. The F model breakers were manufactured May 8, 2013 through June 10, 2013 and have date codes 13193 through 13241. The K models were manufactured May 2, 2013 through June 21, 2013 and have date codes 13184 through 13255. The date codes are YYWWD format (example: 13184 = year 2013, week 18, day of the work week 4/ Thursday). The circuit breakers have a yellow label with the words “Square D” or the Square D logo. Model information can be found on the faceplate.

None reported.

Consumers should immediately check to see if they have the recalled circuit breakers. Consumers with uninstalled products will receive a replacement. Installed products will be replaced at no charge to the customer with an allowance of up to $300 per site to cover labor costs.
Sold through

Authorized Schneider Electric distributors nationwide such as Border States Electric Supply, Crescent Electric Supply Co., Dealers Electric Supply Co., Graybar Electric Co., Rexel, W.W. Grainger from May 2013 to June 2013 for between $200 and $9,260.

Schneider Electric USA Inc., of Palatine, Ill.
Manufactured in


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Again Schneider drops the :censored: ball!

Wasn't it was a Gbar or something last year?......

Last time we received their :censored:registered mailings , dictating that we were sold such & such widget on such & such date, And that we'd be refunded $XX to go out and replace it, IF we jumped through all their :censored: hoops

First off, i have no idea how many Gbars of breakers i installed 6 months ago, have to go through all my records, have to make arrangements for entry and /or shutdowns, etc

Secondly, some of these larger jobs might be over an hour out

Last, these people have unmitigated :censored:gall to think they are in any position to be dictating how much THEY are going to :censored:pay for US to fix their :censored:bad?

My advice, refuse their mailings on grounds of coerced and unsolicited sales

~C:)censored:, and furthermore :censored:them!)S~

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What a pain these recalls are. This is a tiny date range, but that's certainly a popular enough breaker. I don't think I'll say or do anything related to this recall.

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Are QO's, Homelines or I Lines among any of these types?
Possibly I-Lines, but not branch breakers QOs or Homeline. These are larger frame breakers, but you might find them used as mains in NQO panels.

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They actually sent me a notice about it with the specs on which panel to check. I haven't done it yet as I don't see where they will pay a contractor to replace them. The only way I can see that you can get paid is if you're the end user and you hire an electrician to come out and change the offending breakers.
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