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I don't know a whole lot about SEO, but I do know this - the SEO "experts" are not experts. I can say this quantitatively because I've dedicated many hours in research for myself and others - resulting in both positive and negative conclusions that seem to lack logic.

Here's my best advice - pick 2 or 3 keywords or keyword phrases and develop a web page that addresses those issues. Your entire website doesn't have to be devoted to those keywords - just that particular web page or two.

Focus the web page to a niche market - i.e.; not Phoenix Electrician - my gosh, there's hundreds of them! Focus the page on "service installation" or "24 hour service" or something that gives you an advantage over the competition for the kind of words you think people will search for. It has to be niche.

By the way, I may not be that great a musician, but I sure come up on top for "youngstown musician" on youtube. I hope you get my point. Please don't critique me. I do that enough myself.
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