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Service capacity code question

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Hi, and thanks for your help. In my residence I have gas heat and need to convert to heat pumps. My concern is overcapacity of the service. I have 125 amp main and I need to calculate if I can add another 20 amp breaker to the panel. I thought I needed to add the amps of all of the breakers and multiply by a factor to see if I'm over the 125 main but I'm not sure and don't remember the factor.

If I will be over the main service (1/0 cable), PG&E is charging a high rate to increase my service. Will either solar or battery backup add anything to my allowable load? I believe battery is considered emergency backup and solar is not available at night / cloudy days.

My only other option is to convert my stove/oven from electric to gas and free up capacity (again expensive)

Thanks again for your help
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