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Service Violation

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I believe this is a violation of 230.6.

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Yes, those unfused service conductors do travel quite a ways indoors. I'm also worried about working space for the meter cans.

That fake chimney looks like it might have been added after the service was installed. Do you have any other information about how this ended up happening this way?

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Nope, I just parked the truck next to this building on my way to lunch a few months back. As I recall, there were no violation issues with the meter cans because there was some landscaping/ railroad ties that kept the meters at least 3' from the sidewalk. I tend to agree with you that the chimney framing was added after the service was installed wich tells me the framing was done without a permit. How else could the NEC violation be explained? The builing is a restaurant on the first floor, and a few apartments up above.
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