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Should I buy Used Electricals or Not?

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Hello Guys,

I was planning to buy some plc's and electrical supplies for my kids school project.
As I am low in budget and don't even know if my kid can do it in one shot, I want to ask if I can buy used Electrical Supplies instead of new.
I have found certain websites one is which Yagi Electricals which claims to have high quality used and Refurbished Electrical equipments, should I buy them or not?
I am confused now what to go for. Help would be much appreciated.
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Hi there!

Can you take a minute and fill out the 'about me' section of your profile and maybe tell us a little about your electrical experience?

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I would not suggest buying anything used if it's electrical and you're not proficient with it enough to determine whether it's toast or not.

That being said, we are not allowed to advise anyone on this site who's not an electrical industry professional due to the inherent risk of death in working with electricity. Fortunately though this site has a sister site over at www.DIYChatroom.com where there are plenty of people who can help you find something on your budget. It's free and easy to sign up. Check it out today!
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