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Sliding Gate Motor Wiring

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Hi everyone,

I ran 100 feet of 12 gauge wire from my electrical box panels to where I'm about to install a sliding gate motor to open my 16 feet, 200lbs aluminum gate. The motor requires a 10Amp circuit and its 1.5 horsepower. The motor could handle up to 1400lbs, 50 foot gate.

My question is if my 12 gauge wiring will be able to handle such a motor or should I buy a smaller 0.5 horsepower motor instead? I have a 20 amp breaker on this line.

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Just a home owner looking for advise.
Well, it is made VERY clear in the sign up page that these types of questions are not allowed and that this site if for electrical professionals only.
Funny how all that was overlooked. :whistling2:

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