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I was asked to run a 120v 20a circuit to a detached garage overhead. What is the best way to do this. Checked into using aluminium aerial triplex and using some porcelain insulators and small weather heads. Then use splicer reducers to connect the THWN to the aerial cable. But it seems like a lot of trouble to go overhead. Any other suggestions? I wanted to go underground but this guy is dead set on going with overhead.

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ARTICLE 396 Messenger-Supported Wiring

I. General

396.1 Scope.
This article covers the use, installation, and construction specifications for messenger-supported wiring.

396.2 Definition .2 Definition.
Messenger-Supported Wiring. An exposed wiring support system using a messenger wire to support insulated conductors by any one of the following:
(1) A messenger with rings and saddles for conductor support
(2) A messenger with a field-installed lashing material for conductor support
(3) Factory-assembled aerial cable
(4) Multiplex cables utilizing a bare conductor, factory assembled and twisted with one or more insulated conductors, such as duplex, triplex, or quadruplex type of construction
Triplex is covered under (4) and (1/2/3) would say you would have to use rings and saddles or lashing wire to support UF, right?
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