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good for you nick. Its never too late to stop. Smoking also causes your arteries to become sticky with goo and over time they cause them to harden with plaque which can also lead to a stroke.
My wife told me that when heavy smokers are in surgury and they are cut open their body cavities even smell like smoke. Yuckkkk how nasty is that. eeeeeeeeeewwwwwww. If that doesnt make you stop I dont know what will.
Well shes correct when i went back to work my truck smelled real bad and most of the people i look at now smoking i think what are they doing that for ?
But i do not preach to them i kinda keep it to myself its there life like mine each makes there way they live or die .

Had 4 bypasses all at once now after 8 months i feel like new i can tell you this and it is the truth if you ever think your having a heart attack while your dialing 911 take four aspirin it will limit the damage done and keep you alive .Take care
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