You can’t have a business without a social media presence. Okay, sure - you canhave a business without social media, but why would you want to?

If used correctly, social media is the best marketing, advertising and rating service on the planet, ranging from cheap to downright free. A business can literally explode overnight after one viral social media post.

Of course, a business can also crash and burn thanks to social media. The key is something we said earlier… ”If used correctly.” You must know what you’re doing. You need a plan and a list of dos and don’ts for posting on social media. Lucky for you, we have such a list and we’re willing to share it.

Things You ShouldDo

Do: Launch social media accounts for your business that are separate from your personal social media accounts.

Your business should have its own social media accounts, especially for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The names for the accounts should match your company name as closely as possible and be chock-full of interesting posts about your business.

Do: Talk about your business on social media. A lot.

No sense in having the platforms if you aren’t going to use them. You should post on your social media pages at least once a day. The posts can talk about the weather, the new project you started, the project you just finished and any insider information you want to pass on to your customers. This is especially important if you want to inform your customers of the services you provide that they might not know about. For example, you might be licensed to do both residential and commercial wiring, but you’re known primarily for one or the other. Social media is a great way to let your customers know you do both.

Do: Share pics of your business.

Some businesses show before and after pics of their projects, and other show current progress photos. You can showcase your employees and share how you're giving back to your community. Sharing photos makes you and your business more “real” and relatable. This can convert to customers.

Do: Cross-post between social media platforms.

You can share the same post on Facebook and instagram. You can also post about it on Twitter and share the link to your IG or Facebook post. This is a good way to get as much coverage for one post as possible, so don’t be afraid to share.
Things You Shouldn’t Do

Now for the don’ts…Keep in mind, that after every don’t on this list, you can add “unless you want to only target those who agree with you”.

Don’t: Use your business social media pages to forward a hot button agenda. (unless you want to only target those who agree with you.See what we mean?)

It’s best to leave your personal opinions about social, religious and political events off your business pages. It’ll alienate some potential clients and could cause blowback you weren’t anticipating. If you donate to a charity or sponsor an event that helps an organization and you want to talk about that, great. But again, you’ll always have those who don’t agree with you and will express that disagreement with their wallets and pocketbooks.

Don’t: Badmouth the competition.

It’s fine to say “some of our competitors…” But you never want to say, “XYZ Company is lousy because…” or anything like that. Even if it’s true, you just look like a bully.

Don’t: Ignore negative feedback on social media. Respond politely and professionally, regardless of whether you feel a complaint is valid or not. If the complaint is coming from a troll, when you’re being reasonable, other users will recognize that. In fact, they’ll often come to your defense.
We hope that this list of things you can and should do and must never do on social media helps you when it comes time to set up accounts and start posting. For those of you who already have a social media presence, how do you handle posting duties?