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Square D 20-40 Panel Cover

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I am in search of a Square D panel cover for a QO 20-40MW200 panel. I would love to do a panel change but they don't have it and figure I could maybe get away with finding the cover.
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close that one goes to a 30 space. Thanks for trying.
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Kinda looks like this one but I have to make sure the main breaker knockout is in the right spot and it's large enough. I am almost sure that I measured 14 x 26 and that one is 22 x 15.5. If I can't find the cover and the breakers slots and main line up I could always fabricate and extend it to work.

Trying to do my parents a favour they somehow misplaced the cover when we were doing some work. And who knows what they did with it. Probably ended up in the scrap metal when they went to the scrap yard.

Going to measure again next time I am there.

Sq D sells the panel covers desperate for the QO panels.

Try your luck with a Sq D distributor
Thanks I will give them a shout tomorrow.
They redesigned some of the panels a while back for more room. Should be a sticker on one side with accessory information and which cover fits.
Going to measure it again and see if I can find that sticker. Maybe a search for the exact cover part number would work. I was told that they can't get any square d panel covers for panels more than ten years old so looking more like swapping this out.
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