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Square D Homeline - 1 Pole 30A 120V GFI Breaker

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I have a Square D Homeline Series Panel and need to install a new heated whirlpool tub that requires a 30A 120V GFI circuit breaker.
It appears that Homeline only offers a HOME230GFI which is a 2-pole.
Can I only use 1 side of that breaker?
Is there another make/model that comes in a 1 pole that will fit in my Homeline panel?
Any other not too crazy $$$ options?
Thanks in advance!!
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Are you an electrician? This site is for qualified electricians only. We highly recommend that hot tub wiring be done by a qualified, licensed electrical contractor for obvious safety reasons.
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Yes, you can use one side of a two-pole. Lable one half Whirlpool and the other half Future
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Thanks for your feedback.
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