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Square Punch

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I have these square switches I would like to occasionally install. Sometimes they'd be in various cabinets, boxes, equipment, etc. It gets to be a pain in the butt to keep drilling, sawing, grinding, filing......

It appears this rocker switch (shown below) would need about a 1 1/8" x 7/8" square hole for a press-in-fit.

Does anyone know of a company who manufacturers a square punch? Either hydraulically pressed, or screw drive (draw stud) similar to our KO cutters?

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I like analog panel meters. Simpson Electric has a great variety, they make a bunch of good ones. I picked rectangular ones once, then found what a pain it is cutting rectangular holes in heavy gauge sheet metal. (BTW, IMO, jigsaw or nibbler was the best way.) So I figured pick a round one from the many offered, and make sure the opening will work with a readily available hole saw size. (They really ought to make them KO sized so I can use a KO punch, but hole saw is OK.)

Industrial panel mount switches and pilot devices are made for a 22mm or 30.5mm hole. The punches are not hard to find, and expensive. Automation Direct sells this one from Ruko for $34.50. If you can find a 22mm or 30mm switch that works for you, you're all set.

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If the industrial type switches won't work for you, there are round panel mount switches that are closer to the one in the OP, maybe one of those would work for you. You may not be able to find one that matches a standard KO size, but you can find them in sizes you could cut with a hole saw or step bit.

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