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Im an electrical contractor out of Southern California, we are wiring a new 6000 sq ft custom home. Sub panel locations are limited, to me sub panels in certain locations has always been questionable.

Are sub panels allowed to be installed in a walk in closet given it has all the clearances required. Thats one possible option, but even we are limited on stud and beam locations in the walk in closets. So with that being said, am I able to install a sub panel into an entrance to a large bathroom behind a door, still has all the required clearances, but seems somewhat unsafe in case someone is walking through door while electrician is working on it...

Point is, I am very limited on space and would like to know where all the allowable locations of a sub panel, obviously laundry rooms work, just not sure about bedrooms and other places, like under stairs etc as long as they have easy access.

Thanks for your guys feedback in advance

John L.
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