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I have a set of related questions. The operation is a residential home remodel. A new Master panel has been placed outside and it will receive city service.

For the time being, the Master will only have one 100A breaker and 2,2,2,4 running to the old master, which will now be a Sub. This will be the formation for a few years while remodel goes on, so people can continue living and using circuits as they have for 30 years.

My questions are:

1 - At what phase of this do I call for inspection?

2 - At what phase do I call the power company to switch service from the old to new Master?

3 - How does that relate to the fact that two things have to happen while the old service is off but before I activate the new Master breaker (and 100A breaker) to run to the subpanel. Those two things are:

a) actually connect the 2,2,2,4 to the old master breaker (which obviously I will not do until service is disconnected)

b) add an insulated neutral bar to the subpanel (which I could do now but technically I shouldn't do that while that panel is still the current master.)

So do I need a second inspection after the power company switches over and after I do (a) and (b)? If so, doesn't that mean that the residents will be without power until the inspector comes?

Thank you!
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