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386.21 Size of Conductors
386.22 Number of Conductors of Cables

"The number of conductors or cables installed in surface metal raceway shall not be greater than the number for which the raceway is designed...."
The commentary in the NEC Handbook says:
"The number, type, and sizes of conductors permitted to be installed in a listed surface metal raceway are marked on the raceway or on the package in which it is supplied."
Is the code and commentary saying that there are no conductor fill calculations permitted? (similar to the circular conduit raceways)?
I ask because one of my homework questions ask how many 12AWG conductors are permitted in a Surface metal raceway with a cross section of 3.7 square inches?

My thought is that you only have the option of what is listed.

Thanks for your help.

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it sounds like you answered your own question.

the number allowed is the number supplied by the manufacturer's instructions.
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