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Switch installed upside down

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Switch installed upside down, but apparently they didn't catch it.

There's this job I've seen these guys do and these spring wound timer switches were installed. The funny thing is that their timer is installed upside down.

You could only tell when you look closely at the knob cause the long end is the end that suppose to be indicating the minutes. This is the type of switch they installed.


Should we have them go back and install them correctly? Attention to detail ;-)
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Yes. Any electrician will be peeved by this. None electrician none so much.
Funny update! These folks actually said that their 'eccentric customer' wanted the switches installed that way, upside down.

The 'customer' is in the other department, and low and behold it turns out to be true! I would have never believed it if I had not heard it myself! I have NEVER heard of someone wanting something like that and I have met some very 'eccentric' odd people in my life!! From folks that wanted their receptacles installed sideways and in other areas 'diagonally' in their house to special ordered 'pink' colored receptacles for other jobs.

Of course this is commercial work we're talking about here. The reason that was given is because this person wanted to actually 'see' the marks where the knob is turned to. They claimed the long end that covers the hash marks 'bothers' them and it throws their counting off for more precise time. They also claim it that the long 'end' wears away the marks quicker to where you can't read the numbers or hash marks of time anymore for most frequent used time settings. And of course right side up or upside down the time will be the same when turned and read.

The latter part I can kind of see the logic in where the rubbing of the knob would wear on the time marks faster;). The first part of it 'bothering them cause it's covered' is a bit much of the imagination, it shouldn't 'bother them'. But nevertheless, their the 'customer' for their department and they get what they want, even if its switches installed upside down.

Just don't tell U.L. LOL. ;-)
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