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Switchgear Panel Descriptions

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Hi all,
I need to write a short description for the following types of medium voltage switchgear panels:
  • Incomer Feeder Panel
  • Bus Riser Panel
  • Bus Coupler Panel
  • Metering Panel
  • Direct Incomer Panel
So far my google searches haven't yielded anything useful. Could anyone please point me to any resources I can use to understand these?

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Thanks for replying Dennis. I'm in New Zealand so might very well be UK-only terms. I have made some progress...
Bus Riser Panel: A Bus Riser Panel is used to connect two sets of three-phase busbars in a panel line-up which are at different levels (top or bottom). Bus Riser Panel's are typically used to connect a Bus Coupler Panel's circuit breaker output to an adjacent panel.

Bus Coupler Panel: A Bus Coupler Panel is typically used in a panel line-up to connect two sets of three-phase busbars using a circuit breaker.

Metering Panel: The Metering Panel incorporates instruments to measure voltage, current, energy, frequency or power factor. Instruments used for measurements include:
-KW meter / kVar meter
-Energy meter
-Frequency meter
-Power factor meter

So only need Incomer Feeder and Direct Incomer now.

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Goto local suppky house if you have one and request a catalog. They prolly wont have any medium voltage anything tho. Try semians and allen bradlys websites.
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