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Not too concerned here but one of my GC's has taken over a job that was partially done. It's a secondary suite. I assume the property owner tried hiring her own trades and then realized the regulations were too much for her and hired a GC.

The owner had hired a legit EC who changed a panel and did most of the rough-in. I'm going in to inspect the previous work and finish it off. The previous EC pulled a permit but there were no inspections. I will pull my own permit.

So do I have anything to worry about and what normally happens with two electrical permits on one job?

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I was on a job in Edmonton where the electrical "contractor" got kicked off the job and a second one was brought in to finish.. They found so much stuff that had to be re-done it wasn't even funny. The drywallers had to do alot of patching afterwards...

Don't take anything for granted and assume whatever they did you will be checking and redoing.. If you are in doubt, I'd be documenting everything I worked on for the inspections.. Depending how bad it is, it might be worth bringing in the inspector first and showing them what was done and what will be done..

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Conversely , MY GC just got fired on a job , where we were about 1/4 way through a contract

So i may be on the other side of the musical permit deal here 99....:(


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I'd pull this permit in person and make sure the 1st. permit is closed off. By doing it in person you will talk to and explain your position to the city.

I've always shied away from completing a job started by others, - just a personal thing.

There should be no reason why your contractor would not complete this job with the existing EC. Depending on where he is going with his GC company he might very well work with different subs on jobs. Not a big deal and often they won't forget you on their next job.
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