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wow :eek:
like i said we need a smiley thats crapping with fear:laughing:
looks like the siding contractor was too lazy to screw the anchor back in.

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Illegal? I was summoned from rest for this? I prefer looking at illegal taps drawn thru a drilled out mast clamp.

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Why is it illegal?
Many, if not most areas would fail it based on 230.70(A)(1).

230.70 General. Means shall be provided to disconnect all
conductors in a building or other structure from the service entrance

(A) Location. The service disconnecting means shall be installed
in accordance with 230.70(A)(1), (A)(2), and (A)(3).

(1) Readily Accessible Location. The service disconnecting
means shall be installed at a readily accessible location
either outside of a building or structure or inside nearest the
point of entrance of the service conductors.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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