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Texas license only allows “soft bound” code book?

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Are the hardcover codebooks allowed during testing in Texas?
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Was a soft cover only here. Haven't sat for thirty some odd years so have no idea what is now
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No, it’s not. The code book is adopted by my state. They do not adopt the handbook.

Here is an old members take on it. (480sparky)

The codebook is what AHJs adopt for enforcement... thus making it a legal document. This legal document must be enforceable, and stand up to scrutiny in court.

The Handbook contains the same text, but also includes 'plain English' explanations as well as many illustrations to clarify the legalese of the NEC. The Handbook's commentary is technically an interpretation of the NEC and has no legal force.

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It most certainly. It has all the code verbiage plus explanations, pictures, sketches. It's what I have used for decades.
No it isn't. I buy the Handbook and codebook every cycle since 1987. Handbook on my desk, codebook in the truck.

It CONTAINS the code , but with commentary from the authors listed inside the cover , and none of that commentary, pictures, explanations etc are enforceable.
It is more of a text book.

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Are the hardcover codebooks allowed during testing in Texas? View attachment 172685
in other words for a test situation it has extra info that wont be allowed

same thing as a cheat sheet for a test

you are being tested on your knowledge of, and ability to use the code book by itself
basically what do you know by heart and how fast can you look up what you dont know

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Since you are planning to take the Texas exam, perhaps you should read the rules for Texas.

Just a heads up; the Texas exam will have questions related to the administration of the test and licensing requirements.

The exam could have a question such as; "What books are allowed to be used during the exam?"

It is not all NEC related questions.

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When you are going to sit for your exam, you are responsible for knowing what, if any, code books are allowed, whether it is yours or given to you, whether they allow tabs, or any any marks, highlighting etc. It's not surprising they don't allow a handbook. I buy the handbook because I like the pretty pictures and commentary. Sometimes, I may not agree with the commentary. Softbound code book is usually safe with no tabs and no marks or highlighting. Know what they allow. Next to me is an unopened $275 over priced 2023 handbook. It is what it is...
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