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Texas Master Electrician Needed For Assignment

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I am Co-Founder of a soon to be operating solar company in the state of Texas. In order to comply with local and state law we must become licensed Texas Electrical Contractors. We are looking for a Master Electrician with a solid reputation that is willing to fulfill a year long contractual agreement of Assignment. The TDLR requirement is an assigned master electrician for application of TECL and the license must be renewed annually. If the master electrician is to leave assignment we only have 30 days to fill their role in order to remain in business hence the year long commitment we are seeking. We will be hiring licensed Journeyman electricians for our installs and simply need a Master Electrician figure-head for the license. We are willing to offer many incentives that will reward you based on our companies performance. Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation helps businesses insure the safety of those involved by requiring proof of liability insurance coverage and worker's compensation insurance, both of which we will be in full compliance with.
For those interested in being partnered with our company who are licensed Master Electricians please feel free to reach out to my personal email [email protected] for any questions and concerns.
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That Master electrician is ultimately responsible for any of that work done either correctly or incorrectly. A Master can only sponsor one company unless he is 51% or more owner of additional companies, so I guess this would apply to Master Electricians that don't have their own business. Unless you are personally inspecting the work you're putting your reputation on the line should there be a problem.
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