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...I have a special rate for anyone claiming to be an 'engineer' :laughing:
:laughing: When I was doing service work I didn't even have a rate, I just outright refused because work was thick and I hated those jobs. Took a couple of them and lost a lot more in aggravation than the money made up for.
Electricians are a special breed, we (for the most part) feel no one but an electrician should do electric work. But we are expert DIYer's at everything else...
I feel about electrical work the same way I feel about any other trade: If what you're doing has the potential to injure or kill someone, you'd better be darn sure you're doing it right.

I would knock someone for DIY structural framing (and I have) the same way I would for intensive DIY electrical work.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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