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The insanity has started.

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I found this out wandering the web this afternoon. I am still laughing.


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Dang and I have a 4-pack of them I tried to sell/give away at a yard sale...no takers! really why would anybody want them with the LED's today that can look like incandescent ones,,,
They will probably sell them because there are some people who claim they have a reaction to Led bulbs.

I am always amazed how amazon can have 2 products the same with outrageously different price. $152 and $24

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Fowler is a brand better suited for machinists. Kind of like Starrett or Mitutoyo. That set should be a higher level of precision and quality.
I agree Dennis, the big A has gotten out of control with pricing. Although I believe the pricing is left up to the vendor. Higher prices higher commissions for A. I briefly looked into selling on A and decided I did not have the patience to deal with their rules.
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My mother was one of those who insisted on staying with incandescent, although once she lost most of her sight, we switched to LEDs and just told her they were incandescents…

They still sell incandescent bulbs at the Dollar Store here, $1.25 for a two-pack! They are cheap crap Chinesium and some only last about a month. But heck, if I could sell them for $8.99 each after buying them for $0.62, I could cover a lot of exchanges before losing money!
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