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Hi All,

Recently, I completed a fpga controller(SD mode) for SDHC card. When the fpga controller sent reset & intialize command, and the card feedback some data, I make sure the response data from card that are correct. But if the fpga controller reads data from card, it cannot output data. Below is my control flow and web address for timing chart.When 100KHz, the timing chart is first figure(web address) for every command. When 12.5MHz, the timing chart is same as first figure(web address) for every command, it just the frequency is different.If anyone who has experience in this area, please give me some ideas. Thanks a lot.

CMD0 --> CMD8 --> CMD55 --> ACMD41 --> CMD2 --> CMD3 --> CMD3

CMD9 --> CMD10 --> CMD7 --> CMD16 --> CMD55 --> ACMD6 --> CMD55

--> ACMD42 --> CMD17

Figure: http://bbs.elecfans.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=435537&fromuid=820710

Best Regards,

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