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Even if you do it, it doesn't sound like you will be paid quickly. I bring this up because when swapping the single poles out with 3 poles doesn't work, they are going to complain and hold up payment until the problem is fixed.

If you could get in and out with payment quickly, I'd do it, then charge them to fix the real problem.

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I wonder what engineer came up with this solution?:blink:

Now instead of one circuit of lighting going down we will do three!


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This isn't real, some idiot with very basic knowledge of electrical work wrote this at his job at a spam factory. There is no work available at Target, it's all BS.

I get crap like this all the time:

Girija P. needs estimates for Low Voltage Installation.

Request Date: 02-27-2014 at 12:00 AM

Requester: Girija P.
Project Type: Residential
Service Requested: Low Voltage Installation
Project Details: Please contact for additional details... read more
Referral ID: 389828

If you're interested in providing estimates for this project register a free account to contact Girija P.
Girija P. does not exist!!!!!

just wanted to touch base real quick. I had sent an email a couple days ago, and
haven’t heard back from you.
have a few leads looking for your services in your area, and I need a business
like yours to take these leads. I’d hate to see them go to waste.

you need them? I've been in contact with a few different companies in the area,
and I just want to make sure that we’re working with the best company that can
handle the leads that we’re providing. The leads are pre-qualified and exclusive
to you, not re-sold.

me a call if you can handle 5 extra jobs in the next 2 weeks.
to you soon,

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