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Hey all,
I've been in the trade for 2 years now (3rd year apprentice), got some highrise/resi/commercial exp. and completed a pre apprenticeship at humber college (got exempted from 2 levels of trade school).
I feel like it's time for me to change employers and move on. I heard from a family friend that the CUSW union could be a good opportunity.

On their website it mentions "are you willing to travel in Canada" and if you choose No they respond with "CUSW is a National organization representing Members on projects throughout Canada. As a result, we require all applicants to be willing to travel to complete the training program"
Does that mean I'm gonna have to travel a lot and is the work stable? Is it worth it to go union after 2 years in non union?

Anything helps! I'm located in Toronto and want to work mostly in the GTA, don't mind overtime and some travel.
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