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Today's service call discovery...

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I get a call from a guy who says that he's having issues with his living room lighting. I arrive and immediately recognize the H/O as one of the local fireman top dogs. He takes me to his living room and I really had to try and not laugh out and say something to insulting about the recent lighting install. He says he had these 10 6" recessed lights installed recently and they have never worked the way he wanted. The living room ceiling is oddly shaped and no way big enough to space 10 6" cans to make it look right. I joked and asked if he had a plumber do it and he says, "actually my landscaper said he did electrical on the side" :blink: I said, "oh he does.." and went into the attic to see what this lawn mower had done with the overhead. Here's the catastrophe I walked into...:censored::wallbash:

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