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I had a call from a mechanical contractor that changes out an AC system in a single family dwelling. The new location for the AHU required a duplex receptacle located about eye level for the condensate pump and UV light.

The inspector wants a TR receptacle in that location. I was wondering what would trigger that requirement as they are dedicated for those specific loads. Also, what code cycle would this city need to be on to require a TR for that AC equipment.

Outside, the contractor removed and replaced the condenser. The location of the slab was not changed and the disconnect for the unit remained behind the condenser.

The inspector wanted the disconnect relocated due to "clearance" requirements. I don't think it is a good practice to have the disconnect behind the unit but there was more than a foot between the unit and the wall. There would not be anything in the disconnect that would be hot if someone wanted to change the fuses.

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2008 requires TR receptacles in all residential. 2011 has an exception for receptacles above 5'5" or close to that.

Here the disconnect would be ok behind the unit and if it was a change out no receptacle needs to be added outside or light install under the house like you would on new construction.

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Here is the code section from the 2008 NEC, you will have to decide if it applies to all receptacles or only the ones required by 210.52.

2008 NEC
406.11 Tamper-Resistant Receptacles in Dwelling
In all areas specified in 210.52, all 125-volt, 15-
and 20-ampere receptacles shall be listed tamperresistant

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nitro71 said:
He's right on the TR call but I would push back some on the disconnect location.
I think you have this backwards
InPhase277 said:
Do everything the inspector wants and collect a check from the customer. Why argue when you could be paid instead?
You too, have this backwards. I try, if possible to NEVER do something on the whimsical wishes of a loopy inspector. Why let them make up stuff?
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