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transcript problems...

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hi there,iam new to this website so I don't know if this is where iam supposed to ask this.i'am looking into the ibew apprenticeship and they require a high school transcript which is fine but the problem is that I was young and dumb and screwed up really bad,pretty much I had more days out of school than in school and almost all of my grades were F's.I got my GED a few years ago.Will this transcript screw my chances of getting accepted?
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Just remember we use algebra every day on the job!:eek:
Just remember we use algebra every day on the job!:eek:
Einstein dropped out school too. But he went back.
Faraday, the founder of electrical induction didn't have a college education neither.
Did you graduate or get a diploma? If not, submit your GED and high school transcript and write a good cover letter explaining how you got your sh*t together between then and now.
Send the transcript and a copy of the GED. You need a passing grade in Algebra 1.
Or try getting a Job with a non union company
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