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Transformer sizing, selection, and calculations

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I would like to receive opinions on my transformer selection and calculation process to rectify any problems so I could be on the right track.

To feed a facility's electrical load via 3 phase, 800 A, 120/208V electrical service, I performed the following calculation to help me select a transformer. The utility line voltage is 25 KVA.

Minimum transformer size that I may require is 288 KVA, 3 phase. This may change based on how each phase is loaded to balance the system.

Usually utility may provide 288 KVA, 3 phase via either configuring three, 1 phase transformers of appropriate rating OR by supplying pad-mount transformer. Is it normal practice by the utility to provide 3 phase 288KVA via pole mount configuration?

Am I missing any other type of calculation that may be required in selecting and sizing a transformer correctly to send the information to the utility?

Thank you.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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