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Trouble Finding GE IMMERSION™ Ballast

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Hello all!
Recently, one of the stores for our client Walmart/Sam's Club has been giving us service calls to replace the GE-PS1700NCMUL-SY L.E.D Drivers for the GE IMMERSION™ System. Now, these ballasts have since been discontinued, COMPLETELY. Not a single supplier I use close or across the country has these in stock, and say they can not order since they have been discontinued.

The question I have is that there must be an alternative LED driver to match the Specs of the GE-PS1700.
This is the system they have in place, which the drivers are used for.
[It's a PDF file]

This is the "Installation Guide" for the ballast itself. This PDF also shows Better Specifications of the actual ballast.

Any comments/suggestions/past experience would be great!
Thank You!

GM of Production
P&G Lighting and Sign Service, Inc.
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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