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UF thru PVC conduit

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I prefer to run power to an island, thru a PVC conduit which originates at a nearby partition and stubbed up thru concrete slab at island location.

But come to think of it I dont see anything wrong with using the PVC conduit to just sleeve the wire thru concrete.
To those who ask WHAT IF SOMETHING GOES WRONG WITH THE WIRE the answer is : do what the plumber would do to his PEX . Dig it up
Chances are that nothing will ever go wrong with the wire.
Your thoughts?
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I'm always the guy who ends up getting the job where they need to add one more circuit in the island because they got a warming drawer or an Instahot water heater after the remodel has been completed. I have a voodoo doll I stick pins in for the original electrician that didn't run a minimum of 3/4" PVC to the island.
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Makes a big difference if there’s water and a drain to the island and it’s on a slab.
Actually, I just checked it and appears to me that you MUST have it in a conduit or other raceway, table 300.5
"under a building"

Set up last week in a house with a 4 wire feeder coming from a sub panel in another house and has a temporary green bonding jumper screw installed for about 3 -4 more weeks I predict.........
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What is that a female adaptor? Never saw one , Didnt know they make them for electrical pipe. I used to put a regular coupling over pipe to prevent cuts and that was it
Nice job!
All good, however I normally run my pvc conduit into a 4 s deep both ends and run thhn wire.

Here in greater Los Angeles area even the water lines have to be in a chase.


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I run the uf under the toe kick of the island to where I want it to rise up and then it's Hawaii wood mold baby! For close to 50 years now it's my favorite go to........
it's Hawaii wood mold baby! For close to 50 years now it's my favorite go to........
Whats Hawaii wood mold?
Wish was available here

Many times have suggested to customer surface wiring in corners and have carpenters cover with trim, rarely have they agreed

Even when it means more expensive and worse looking solution
Not woodmold but how we covered up wiring where switches had to go in side of cabinet, found that panel on scrap pile
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