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This actually seems about right. I contacted the inspector, and we're on the same page. Now for the pricing. :)

And for all the other wise men out there ... I've done a ton of resi over the years, enough to know that I don't have to take on PITA jobs, at any price, if I don't want to. The PITA ones I usually regret later on, when they go off the rails, and the regret is only sometimes a matter of money. Some jobs just aren't worth the hassle, and part of my job these days is to spot those ahead of time.
whats the problem with al wiring?

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I’ve been pressured into quoting a service upgrade for a rural address – pics from the estimate attached. Orleans County NY, National Grid -- about 2 hrs RT.

It doesn’t show well in the pic, but when I was there, it looked like standing water over much of the basement floor (dirt, I think) – maybe 50%, maybe 1” or so deep.

I was considering putting in an outdoor meter-main with 40-space distribution, and maybe run large PVC conduit down into some kind of massive junction box in place of the panel, to tie in all the branch circuits. Maybe GFCI/AFCI the whole works.

I’ve been hoping this person would go away and find another contractor out there, and it hasn’t worked. I’m thinking there must not be any decent electricians out that way, or none dumb enough to take this job. Hard to believe. I'm thinking, no one deserves to die this way. I'm also thinking she must have inherited some money. I"m also thinking this is the literal definition of a can of worms. And I'm afraid if I do take it, my crew will all quit.

I'd be interested in thoughts or suggestions. And I realize I'm kind of leaving the door open here for all the Benny Goodmans.

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I see money
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