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Section 440.4(B) of the 2005 NEC requires that the Short Circuit Current Rating (SCCR) be included on a visible nameplate for "Hermetic Refrigerant Equipment" having multiple motors or combination loads, when supplied by an OCPD of more than 60A .

A major industrial HVAC equipment manufacturer states that their equipment is excluded from this requirement (even in states that have adopted the 2005 NEC) because it is "Listed" per UL 1995 and that is the only thing that they must comply with. They state that this NEC requirement only applies to equipment that is "built up" in the field.

Is the manufacturer's position correct?

(FYI: although this UL standard requires that some basic electrical information be included on the nameplate, it does not require that the SCCR be determined, nor does it require that the SCCR be provided on any nameplates).
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