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URGENT URGENT---I really need my fellow 3 members help!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Has anyone been hurt on the job and have had to deal with the eesisp people yet, you think magnacare is bad. When you get hurt you have Magnacomp and its even worse. I am looking for anyone who has been hurt or is hurt and has had any dealings with them. I am filing suit alone right now but I wouldn't mind making it a class action. There is no way it was just me they treated like this.
I got hurt in 2006, I was 27. I am worse now and I will probably be in a wheel chair because of how I was neglected. I have spinal and nerve injuries and that's just 2. There are too many to list. I am not a stupid lawyer fishing and this is not BS. I was treated so poorly that I am worse health wise than ever. I have had spinal surgeries and thousands of injections.

If you have ever had anything to do with them please contact me, even if its just to tell me what happened so its more I can use. I will keep anonymous if necessary.
I just want to have a normal life, no more no less. And by the way I was asked to resign from the local because of my injuries i am a liability and cant be on a site anymore. I cant work and social security is not paying me disability. Im told im too young so they are fighting me. They cant say that but its a factor. I am 100% sincere in asking for anyone help. Im 32 now, I want to know I will be able to walk and not be in a wheel chair at 35.
My Dr. said I needed surgery or I will be paralyzed. They made me get 5 second opinions and wait 18 months. God forbid I took 1 wrong step, I would have lost all use of my body from the neck down. 18 [email protected]#KING MONTHS at 27 yrs old. I was a kid
Please help me, If you have gotten hurt I know they jerked you around too. The more serious the injury the harder they are. I just want to be healthy, my family suffers everyday because I suffer. My wife is a rock but Im starting to lose it.
Im begging any little bit helps me.
Thanks for reading.

[email protected]
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