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US panel equipment in Canada

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Hi Electrician Talk,

I've been enjoying reading on the forum but couldn't find an answer to this question: am I able to buy UL-listed panel equipment in the US for installation at my home in Ontario (not a certified electrician)? I've found information about going the other way, but not northbound imports.

I have been looking at Square D breaker panels and they seem cheaper / more available stateside right now, and arc-fault breakers are on the order of $35 rather than $90++ up here. Seems like I would save a bundle loading up before our rewiring project. The products seem identical from the product pages.

We hired an electrician to consult with us and he said we can do this, but it would not be warrantied and he "would never warranty it". Not sure what he meant or what his reservation was - the product page indicates a limited warranty - maybe he doesn't want us buying our own parts? Seemed worth double-checking here before we import and install a bundle of parts only to be told by our inspector that we have to rip it out because no CSA sticker.
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Canadian panels must be approved for Canada. You cannot use American panels as they do not fulfill the requirements that they have in Canada.

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