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Very odd 125v Thermostat?....

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Hi there, new to the forum. I recently purchased an older condo (built in the 60s) and have been in the process of renovating the place.

I have 2 odd issues, any info would be greatly appreciated.

1) The thermostat that came with the place looks archaic at best, so I thought I'd take it off, and swap it out with a Nest. I took it apart and my multi-meter shows 125v....After that I got completely confused. All the info I can get online to update the thermostat ends up pointing me towards things designed for floor heating :vs_mad:

2) When taking a look at the property, I assumed the bathroom had some sort of vent. I come to find out later that it is a heater...I can't believe that this place was allowed to pass inspection without some sort of window or vent..Do you think it's possible to remove this ancient heater, and put in a wall vent? Behind the heater it appears to vent up into the attic.

Sorry for the long post, but wanted to be as detailed as possible. I'm new to renovating, so pardon my ignorance.

Thanks for any info! :smile:
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I pretwist and then use wire nuts. Solder pots rule.
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You got your answer there...
Call a professional

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