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Voltage variance

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Have 248v between L1 & L2 & 124v + 124v From L1 to gnd. & L2 to gnd. after and before main bkr. w/o load.

Light load of ceiling fans, etc. causes L1 to gnd to drop to 122v & L2 to rise to 126v.

Add one 5m btu room a/c L1 drops to 110v & L2 rises to 130v.

Add one 12m btu room a/c L1 drops to 100 & L2 rises to 140v.

Driving me crazy.

Help !!!
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Open neutral. Classic case.

Check the main panel & service for all the neutral connections. One will be bad.

Oh, and welcome to the forum!
As stated above, bad neutral. Could be anywhere from the panel to the POCO xfmr connection.

Around here, the POCO will check it at the meter, at no cost, and repair it if it's on their side.

Sorry clmanaa, I think I jumped the gun with this one. There has been a rash of DIY questions and folks registering even though they have no relationship to the electrical trades and I guess I just got caught up in it.

This thread is reopened, and welcome to the site.
No biggie on the shutdown. Thanks for the quick and humble response.

The bad neutral answer makes sense. Will check it out. I checked and corrected the neutral connections in the load center and meter can. That leaves the pole. Will have to get the power co. to come out.

Thanks to all.
Welcome to the forum

I agree that you are dealing with an open neutral. Ask POCO to check their line in and then work out from main service.;)
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