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W.E.C.A study material.

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Has any one taken the W.E.C.A aptitude test recently? This book is on the study material list and i was just wondering if this one book is going to be enough. 528 pages.

Thank you very much

Barron's ASVAB: Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery Amazon.com
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Why do you care? Every aptitude test I have ever taken just puts you into a large bucket.
This is not fine testing this is weed out the people who do not understand the language.

I took one physical test and was using both hands. The screaming started from the proctor and the employer was dumb struck. You can not use both hands! Your instructions did not preclude me using both hands. Proctor, "none of my reports or charts deal with using 2 hands. Your going to be to fast." Got the job and the proctor lost a client.
It was a transmission shop and the entry position was removal and reinstalling transmissions.
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