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Washington state license for travelers

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Hello all,
I am a journeyman inside wireman and instrument tech out of lu 380 norristown, pa.
I understand Washington state has a lot of work but requires a state license.
Do you have to be in state to test or can you do it online?
What is the cost?
Does a journeyman wireman license allow u work as an I&c tech also or do you need an additional license?
Do any other states recognize Washington license? Pacific northwest? Other states?
Only looking for facts, please.

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Washington does not reciprocate with anyone else anymore. You can still sign the books in Local 48 and take Washington calls. If you're looking for a maintenance type job, you can work in WA. without any license. In Oregon, I believe you have to have a minimum of a PJ (plant journeyman) license to work maintenance
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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