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How many of you have pulled these pieces of junk out of ceiling fans?

This one was a dimmer module also. I have had to pull a few of these out before. I had to pull one out of another fan in my house that was the non dimming fuse looking one. I am so glad the government mandated we have these things that blow everything a bulb burns out.
Actually, I didn't realize a limiter was built in until reading this post. Thanks. :thumbsup:

We have a Hunter ceiling fan in the dinng room that I installed about three years ago. The unit had a controller built in similar to your picture, but it's a Model 29157, and controlled the fan and lights remotely.

Year after I installed it, it started acting up and finally failed, so I took the controllerer out. Didn't care why at the time, but I kept it to play with it and never got around to it. We had just got broadband and started using a router with wifi inside the house. I would get up in the night and the fan and lights were on. Drove me semi-mad. :eek:

Tons of complaints on line regarding these units.

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