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Wattstopper Legacy Question LCP-1

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I am phasing out my LCP-1 Wattstopper Controllers. I had some bad boards in one of them so I replaced them with some boards in my Parking Lot Lights controller. For some reason, I cannot make the boards come on either by using an external switch or with a group signal. Anyone ever heard of this? I wiped out the card and restored it to factory default (so it says on the controller) but it retains the "On Inhibit" function no matter what I do. Even changing it in the programmer to a different type does not work even though the programmer says it changed. This is an LCB-308 Board that I am taking about.
Thanks in advance
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I need to calrify what I am asking here

I need to clarify this. The Panel is an LCP-1 - very old, 1999
The cards inside are LCB-308 Rev G (5 of them)
Each Card has 8 inputs and 8 outputs (more or less)
On three particular cards, some of the inputs were designated type 4 which is On from SC-100 Clock only and off with any signal.
That is inconvenient if you want to be able to turn the output on any other way.
Some of the I/O on the card is OK - type 1 is just fine
But any I/O that was formerly Type 4, will not change even though I tell it to be type 1
The SP-1 programmer says it is changed but it still will not do what it is supposed to do
The SP-1 programmer says the card is reset to defaults but that is not happening either

I suspect the cards may be too old to change but any suggestions would be appreciated
it is odd for an electronic I/O to act this way
It is only the ones that were formerly Type 4 Inputs

Thanks in advance
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