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Weg VFDs

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Does anyone have experience with Weg drives? I'm quoting a job w/two 100HP drives, and Weg's prices are about 25% lower than Allen Bradly or Yaskawa.

I'm interested in any feedback regarding the quality of these drives.

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Hey mountain,i've used WEG CFW-09 range of VFD's in a plasterboard reclamation plant in the UK .A tough place for any drive to live,the dust is really bad yet i have three 200hp drives ( along with some smaller stuff ) in a leaky enclosure thats been in that environment for 18 months.With a blow out twice every day with compressed air.
We had a couple of Baldour drives and an ABB drive that lasted little over 6 months.
An Alan Bradley that used to get choked up and go out on overheat every two or three hours.the Wegs seem to hold in there.

I've also used WEG motors,found them a little chunkier than most but seem to stay the distance.

I saw a lot of the WEG motors at an open pit mine that I worked at. The motors were connected to crushers, ball mills and rock shakers. The motors have to be pretty much bullet proof If they are going to last in a mining operation. Never really had problems with the motors, most of the time it was the controls. Large rocks, rock dust and large mobile equipment can easily do a lot of damage to electrical equipment. If the drives are anything like the motors I would think that you would be working with some better that average equipment.
I haven't used or heard of them myself but after reading this I asked a few of the guys at work. One guy said they used them on a pump job in the 200hp range and they had no prolems on start up or in first year service.
Thanks for the feedback. I've installed many of the motors, but never a drive.
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